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Weiming Pharmaceutical is the core backbone enterprise of Beijing Beida Weiming Bioengineering Group Co., LTD., and the only listed company platform. The company has three production bases in Zibo, Xiamen and Tianjin, with core assets such as Zibo headquarters, wholly-owned subsidiary Weiming Biological Engineering Co., LTD., holding Sun Company Tianjin Hualida Biological Engineering Co., LTD., Beijing Weiming Xida Biological Technology Co., LTD., and sun company Beijing Sinovac Biological Products Co., LTD. Company production of injectable mouse nerve growth factor (well the complex NOBEX) is a nerve injury therapeutic drugs, is the first in the world was confirmed in nerve growth factor for clinical medicine, also is the first by the Chinese people take the lead in the industrialization of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, well after the nerve growth factor market has become the first brand.


Founded in December 1998, Weiming Bio-pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (formerly Xiamen Beida Road Bio-Engineering Co., LTD.) is the crystallization of cooperation between Peking University and Xiamen Municipal government in the field of biotechnology, and the core enterprise of Weiming Pharmaceutical Group, one of the industrial groups affiliated to Peking University.

In September 2015, the company and Wanchang Technology completed the reorganization and realized backdoor listing.

In July 2016, shandong Weiming Tianyuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, completed the registration and undertook the pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates business of the former Wanchang Technology.


The main products of unnamed medicine can be divided into two categories: one is biomedical products, the other is pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates.

The company is committed to focus on the development of nerve growth factor products, cytokines and peptide drugs. Its main products are mouse nerve growth factor for injection (trade name: well the answer), is a kind of new drugs, in fujian province, the first country in the world the first allowed to apply to clinical nerve growth drugs, co-stimulating belongs to neurological drugs of nerve injury repair, nerve repair, multiple biological functions such as nutrition, to human body caused by disease or trauma, such as nerve injury repair.

The company is also the earliest modern biopharmaceutical enterprise engaged in genetic engineering interferon products. Main product: recombinant human interferon alpha 2B injector (trade name: Anflon), the only recombinant human interferon alpha 2B spray on the market (trade name: Jiefu).

Tianjin Weiming separation and purification technology, imported raw materials and production equipment, the production of interferon original solution in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia standards, has the largest domestic scale, all imported equipment composed of interferon freeze-dried injection and pre-filled glass syringe injection production line.

The company is currently the largest domestic supplier of trimethyl orthoformate and triethyl orthoformate. Its main products are trimethyl orthoformate, triethyl orthoformate, phosphite, ethyl formate, trimethyl acetate and their by-products, among which phosphite and ethyl formate are by-products.

However, due to the impact of environmental protection and the demolition of Zibo South Square, the production of medicine and pesticide intermediates such as trimethyl formate and triethyl orthoformate has been officially suspended on May 8.

The company has established a number of biological drug research and development platforms, more than 6,000 square meters of research and development buildings and a large number of imported precision instruments and equipment, mainly for the research of nerve growth factor series products, cytokines and polypeptide drugs.

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